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For Real Though?

Some Hot Takes

  • As of this posting, the players who have come out and said Colin Kaepernick should be playing in the NFL would be a solid foundation for a Super Bowl contender.
  • Is there an industry more self-important than the tech industry?
  • Tesla fanboys/girls have somehow managed to eclipse Chrysler “Fake Bentley300 drivers as the most annoying people in the automotive space. Elon Musk is a genius but I swear some of these people would drink that dude’s bath water (safe for work, I promise). For all the marketing hype around Tesla, they couldn’t even beat the Model 3’s chief competitor to market by a calendar year. Yet when it drops, it will somehow be hailed as revolutionary because no one knows the Chevy Bolt exists. (Here I’m supposed to disclose that I’m a former GM employee. I’ll also disclose that having driven a Camaro, I wouldn’t buy one because seeing out of rearview windows is important to me.) But grading bombastic hype machines on a curve is exactly how a company that makes no money is somehow allowed to go public (*cough* Snapchat *cough*). Tesla succeeding would be fantastic for the automotive industry but I really want the company’s fans to go away.
  • Ban crossovers. Dumbest vehicle segment in existence.
  • The Democratic Party’s perpetual ability to draw the wrong conclusions from political events never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, imagine losing an election because you decided to ignore a burgeoning movement for blue-collar jobs and more robust middle-class opportunity. Then, imagine your response to defeat is asking your union-busting billionaire donors on what the next direction for the party should be. Peak cluelessness.
  • I thought Justine Damond’s death would be a real turning point in white people’s perception of police brutality and excessive force. Black Lives Matter (the organization and the movement) did too and that’s why they showed up. If white people are willing to take the occasional L just so the cops can continue to shoot black people with impunity, I’ve really underestimated the amount of work it is going to take for black people to be seen as human in the eyes of the justice system.
  • Autonomous driving is much further away than mid-2020s. I’d guess early 2040s (if i’m right, it’s because a broken clock is right twice a day).





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